Club Classes

Olympic Weightlifting & Strength Classes

A one hour class dedicated to learning, practicing and mastering the competition lifts: the Snatch and, Clean & Jerk.

  • Classes are small to allow for more personalized coaching.
  • Fundamental technique drills are practiced every class so you can approach the learning of the movements in a clear, step by step, fashion.
  • Programmed to produce measurable gains in Olympic Weightlifting competition lifts.
  • All levels welcome, including beginners.
  • Get strong and athletic
  • Strength development is Olympic Weightlifting focused.
  • Strength training technique fundamentals reviewed every class.
  • Programmed to deliver measurable strength gains.
  • Exercises focus on barbell training, however we also use other equipment for a more comprehensive approach.
  • All levels welcome, including beginners.

Lydia Valentin . Picture by Hookgrip

Kettlebell Lifting Classes - BOLT Method Fitness

Develop endurance and strength with BOLT Method Fitness training.

  • A one hour class that includes intervals, strength circuit, core and flexibility training using kettlebells.
  • Aerobic and high intensity work strategically planned to develop great fitness results.
  • Daily review of technique fundamentals.
  • Visible progress achieved in a relatively short time frame.
  • All levels welcome, including beginners.
Ilya Ilyin

Coach Denise Eccles



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