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Dmitry Klokov Weightlifting Seminars

August 18th or 19th 2018 - One Day Courses 12 Hours Long

I came across Colorado weightlifting club/ Nico Rither when I moved to Denver for work in January of 2014.

I had just started Olympic weightlifting a few months prior in September. I wanted to continue training once I got moved so I contacted several crossfit gyms in the area all of which either didnt respond or said i couldnt just lift and had to do crossfit. I found Nico's gym and was invited to train that same day.

My best lift to that point were 80kg Snatch and 120kg Clean and Jerk. Nico's programming was individualized based on what I needed to work on. This was different from the cookie cutter programs I was on before. I signed up and started training that same day. Results came slowly at first and then more consistently as I adapted and grew strong. By spring time my back squat had went from 140kg to 184kg. After getting a decent strength and technical base my lifts increased greatly. Later in spring I hit 111kg snatch and 136kg clean and jerk. My lifts continued to increase to where I hit my current PR's of 130kg snatch and 150kg clean and jerk last fall.

I would recommend Nico's coaching to anyone looking to take there lifting to the next level. It will be hard at times and it will test you physically and mentally. With dedication and hard work you will see results though, and reach strength levels you didnt think you were capable of.

Nick Anest

I keep coming back to CWC because of the close community, attentive coaching, and solid programming. My weightlifting technique has improved dramatically, thus resulting in heavier projected maximum effort reps. The greatest benefit of CWC is the friendly community of athletic and like-minded people. I love knowing I'm always able to count on someone to be rooting for me, especially when the work is challenging.

Paige Appleton

I started going to CWC a few months ago, looking to get into olympic weightlifting after a brief stint doing strength training by myself at another gym. There are a couple things I really like about this gym. First, it has a great atmosphere and a friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging community from all kinds of backgrounds (both athletic, and in my case, non-athletic). Second Nico is an excellent olympic weightlifting coach who really stresses technique. Besides the technical training in both the olympic lifts and more general exercises like the bench press, squat, etc., Nico also writes my programs each week. Not having to guess what exercises I should be doing to get the results I want is a huge time-saver. These programs work. Since following them, I've put on 15 lbs of muscle, and increased my max on all of the main lifts, not to mention a noticeable increase in overall mobility and flexibility. I've never been stronger in my life; I highly recommended this gym.

Joshua Erney

I have been searching for an Olympic Lifting coach since I moved to Denver several months ago. I have gone to several crossfit gyms and haven't found exactly what I am looking for. I wanted a dedicated coach for form correction and programming, in a location that isn't too far from downtown, at a reasonable price. Well, Colorado Weightlifting club not only met but exceeded my expectations. Coach Nico (oly) and Ilya (kettlebells) are both incredibly professional, kind, and very well versed in the sport(s). I highly recommend this gym!

Christina G.